CongreGate is hosted by J. Mark Fox, Shawn Curtis, and Micah Fox. New episodes are released on Tuesdays.

CongreGate Podcast | Hosted by J. Mark Fox aka The ProfessorThe Professor:

“Word are but the signs of ideas.” Mark Fox likes that quote from Samuel Johnson, because he loves words—speaking them, writing them, and using them to share ideas that matter. He has been using words as a pastor for 29 years and a college professor for 25, and he loves what he does.

He also loves his wife, Cindy, who has stuck by his side and and heard way too many words for 34 years. Together, they raised 7 children who love life and the Lord. Family time at the Foxes is always wordy and fun. Mark and Cindy enjoy five grandchildren, running, traveling, reading, and growing older together.

As the elder statesman of the podcast, Mark promises to keep his facial hair as well-groomed as his words.


shawn2The Officer:

“It’s best to be at least 500 feet below the surface.” That statement nearly perfectly captures how Shawn Curtis feels about his experience as a U.S. Navy Submarine officer. When you’re cruising that deep, the world shrinks and comes into crystal clear focus—unlike the world lived on dry land where the internet threatens your sanity and you can hardly tell if the news is true or not. That’s why he likes to talk about the world with Micah & Mark.

Though the Navy was fun, Shawn left that gig after 12 years and made the call to stay home with his wife, Sara, and their “small family of 6 children.” He earns a living working in Durham, NC, and serves at Antioch Community Church as a brand-new Elder.

You may hear Shawn talk more than the President, but his beard is thicker and fuller, so he feels like that’s a good enough reason. Plus, presidents are always asking the officers what to do in real life.


Micah Fox | The President | CongreGate PodcastThe President:

“Chuck Norris does not speak. Words try to escape his mouth.” While words don’t escape Micah’s mouth as often as the Officer’s, he’s been frequently confused for Chuck Norris. Go ahead, look close…see the

Micah grew up in Antioch Community Church, and after growing a beard, the church realized he wasn’t a kid anymore and decided to install him as an elder. They’re still trying to decide if that was a good idea. Micah married his best friend, Kari, in 2008, and they have four children. Micah works in Burlington for North Star Marketing, and hopes this stint with the CongreGate Podcast will launch him to county-wide fame. If not, he’s thinking about working as a double for Chuck Norris in his thriving film career.