What is Age-Integrated Church?

May 30, 2017

This week we are answering a listener question about age-integrated church.

He says, “I’m intrigued by this age-integrated church idea. Our church has lots of programs and sometimes I wonder if we are losing community because of it. How about a follow-up program where the Professor summarizes his book…?”

We start by sharing our church backgrounds and talk about how we ended up in a church that promotes family-integrated worship. Then we share our observations about the benefits of age-integrated worship.

We view our children as participants in worship, rather than as distractions. We consider them part of the body of Christ and able to serve in ministry with their families. We train children to become men and women and include our teens in the men’s and women’s ministry events.

We teach that parents should continue to be the primary disciplers of their children, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have other programs and meetings to disciple church members and develop community. We have regular family & community events, as well as ministry meetings for men and women and age-integrated small groups. We do have targeted programs for a season, as the Lord leads, to meet the needs of the body, including Bible studies for specific age groups.

The fruit of decades of age-integrated church is that the majority of our young people are not leaving the faith, in contrast to the church in general. Many continue to worship and serve at the church. There are several multigenerational families that attend and worship at our church together. Others have grown up and been sent out to serve in various ministries and communities around the world.

We end with some recommendations for books and websites if you would like to further explore the idea of age-integrated church.


What is Age_Integrated Church? | Episode 38 | CongreGate Podcast

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Links and Recommendations:

Family Driven Faith – by Voddie Baucham

Age-Integrated Church – by J. Mark Fox

Uniting Church and Home – by Eric Wallace

Turning the Ship – by Dustin Guidry

HOFCC – Household of Faith Fellowship of Churches

NCFIC – National Center for Family-Integrated Churches

C4GLC – The Council for Gospel Legacy Churches

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