Mark (the professor) also writes books to encourage Christian men as they lead their families.

Here is a list of books written by J. Mark Fox:


A Faithful Man | Books by J Mark Fox | CongreGATE Podcast      Real Life Moments: A Dad's Devotional | Books by J Mark Fox | CongreGATE Podcast      Age-Integrated Church | books by J Mark Fox | CongreGATE Podcast


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A Faithful Man

“I believe understanding our role as leader in our homes is key not only to revival in our homes, but to revival in our churches, and even to revival in our nation.” A Faithful Man is drawn from Fox’s own passion to be the man in his home that his family needs, and to help other men do the same. Starting with his own story of wanderings and failures, Fox leads the reader into a biblical and practical understanding of what it means to be a prophet, priest, protector and provider.


Real Life Moments: A Dad’s Devotional

“One of the most challenging things I have faced as the husband of one wife and the father of five boys and two girls is the same thing you have faced, no matter how many children you have. It is a constant challenge to be the husband and the father we are called by God to be and to give our wife and children what they need us to give. This book is designed to be read by the dad who is busy making a living at a job but does not want to overlook making a life at home. My hope is that each story will make you laugh or think or even cry, and that God will use this book to encourage you in your own journey as a godly man. There are fifty-two life lessons in this book, one for each week of the year. They are not dated, so you can start anytime in the year and use it for the next 52 weeks.” – J. Mark Fox


Age-Integrated Church: Building a Legacy of Fruit that Remains

“I wrote this book for several reasons. First, I wrote it because I believe it may give encouragement to families who are looking to be a part of a church that honors the family. Second, I believe it may give instruction to those who are looking to be a part of a new age-integrated church plant. Third, I believe it may be helpful to pastors or people in leadership in more traditional churches but who desire to help their church move towards an age-integrated model. Finally, I am praying the book will awaken a desire in some who read it and did not even know they wanted to be a part of an age-integrated church!” – J. Mark Fox