Building Memories Through Family Vacation

June 6, 2017

School is out here in North Carolina and it’s time for summer vacation! Today we chat about building memories through family vacations.

Mark and Micah share some of their annual family beach trip traditions. What started out as a single family vacation has grown into a large event with all of the kids, their spouses, and children enjoying the beach together. Some of their favorite family memories are crab hunting at night, question nights, games & movies, and family devotions.

We also talk about some of the reasons we put off taking vacations. Financial issues can be one reason families don’t vacation, so we share some ideas about how to make vacation work when finances are tight. We also talk about how visiting extended family isn’t necessarily restful, so it’s important to have vacation time set aside in addition to visiting relatives.

Rest is a spiritual discipline. The Old Testament feasts and festivals teach a pattern of rest and rejuvenation. Whether you can afford a traditional vacation or just take time at home to disconnect and rest as a family, your family will benefit from that rest.


Building Memories Through Family Vacation | Episode 39 | CongreGate Podcast

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