Church Shopping & the Consumer Mindset

February 6, 2018

Today we are talking about church shopping & the consumer mindset. More than ever, Christians “shop” for the “perfect” churches. With a church on every corner in some areas of the country, we have no lack of choices. Just like we go to Starbucks and have thousands of drink options, we expect to go to church and find dozens of options for music and programs.

Are we even “shopping” for the right things? What about looking for churches that preach from the Bible with people that love each other in true community? Is this good and healthy for the church in America?

It’s human nature to be always searching for more because we need to find satisfaction in Christ. Unfortunately, most people aren’t finding satisfaction in Christ and continue trying to fill their lives with things. People have always struggled with self-control, so this isn’t a new sin issue. It’s important to search our heart motivations for the things we consume, the appetites we develop, and the expectations we have.

How do you contribute to the consumer mentality in your home? We talk about a few things we’ve noticed in our own homes. Are we teaching our children to worship the right things?

We encourage you to examine how many hours you spend consuming media vs. consuming scripture. It’s not that we believe all media is evil, but there needs to be balance. Let’s be intentional about what appetites we are feeding and what habits we are forming in our families.


Church Shopping & the Consumer Mindset | Episode 72 | CongreGate Podcast

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