Colin Kaepernick and More: Episode 1

September 5, 2016

J. Mark Fox teams up with Shawn Curtis and Micah Fox to talk about two issues: Colin Kaepernick and his sitting during the national anthem, and what people look for in a church.

In the beginning, we discuss Kaepernick, freedom of speech, as well as general racial tension in the United States. We talk about how the Gospel compels us to seek reconciliation because of what Christ has done, and how leaders can help to encourage right thinking on this issue.

In the second half of this episode, we discuss what people look for in a church. Are people looking for entertainment over a church that preaches the gospel? Should we be looking for a church with a strong children’s program or one where families worship together?


Colin Kaepernick, Church, & More | Episode 1 | Congregate Podcast
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Kaepernick Copycats Fuel Controversy – an article explaining Colin Kaepernick’s protests during the national anthem

Bloodlines by John Piper

Should Children Sit Through “Big Church”? by John Piper


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