Confronting Fear in Your Family

November 7, 2017

Today we’re discussing how to confront fear in your family. Do you struggle with fear over your safety, your financial situation, or fear over sharing the gospel with your neighbors? What about your wife and children? Do they struggle with fear?

We talk about some of our personal struggles with fear and some of the things our wives and children have feared. We also discuss what it means to “fear the Lord”.

How do you confront fear in your family? We talk about how we have supported and encouraged our wives and children through their fears. While it’s good to talk through fears rationally, it’s also important to pray for our wives and children joyfully and out loud.

A Gospel Coalition blog post by Melissa Kruger puts forth three helpful questions to help us evaluate how we deal with fear in our lives. For example, does fear lead to anger, anxiety, or attempts to control others? Or how does God commands us to handle our fear? We discuss some of our answers to these questions and encourage you to work through them on your own and with your family.


Confronting Fear in Your Family | Episode 61 | CongreGate Podcast

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Links and Recommendations:

Three Questions: Fear – Melissa Kruger for the Gospel Coalition – This article poses three excellent questions to evaluate your fears, plus it contains a list of helpful Bible verses addressing fear.

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