CongreGate Podcast: How Our Story Begins

November 7, 2016

America has been waiting breathlessly for this week for months now. Facebook and Twitter have been going crazy. Scrolling through your newsfeed is an exercise in futility, because no one seems to be talking about anything else. Folks have been constantly checking their phones to see the latest updates. The round-the-clock media coverage is completely engrossing, while at the same time, so nauseating that you can’t look away even while your stomach turns over in knots.

Finally, America… The Day has finally arrived. Sure the election is tomorrow, but who’s paying any attention to that? Has anyone even noticed? Will anyone even vote?

The people have been kept waiting for so long, but today—finally— that wait is over. Their patience is about to pay off, big time.

Because of course, today is Launch Day. Today is the launch of CongreGate. Biblical conversation about church and culture with the Professor, the Officer, and the President. It’s here. The wait is over.


CongreGate Podcast | How Our Story Begins


You really did think that the election was a big deal, didn’t you?

Getting to November 7th has been a whole lot of fun. When Mark asked Micah and me to join him in hosting a podcast earlier this summer, both of us had the same question: “Why does the world need another podcast? Who’s going to listen to us anyway?” These are probably the questions that keep a lot of great ideas from getting off the ground— the kinds of questions that keep a lot of smart, witty people from launching would-be-great podcasts.

So, we tried it out. You may have noticed that there are already 8 episodes we have recorded with Mark originally released under the Healthy Church Radio brand. (That may lead you to question how this can possibly be a “launch” if we’ve been at it for the last 2 months… In the words of the old and wise Obi-Wan Kenobi, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” In other words, just roll with it.) We’ve already spent some time together chatting about Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem protest, considering the value of satire from sites like the Babylon Bee, and even about Halloween and this nutty election cycle.

We’re not experts on any of these topics. We’re not megachurch pastors, or world-renowned authors, or even seasoned political operatives. We are husbands, fathers, workers, and Biblically-qualified church elders. Just like you, we engage with the culture daily in a myriad of ways— and just like you, we have to live here. This is just our stab at trying to make sense of the chaos around us—an effort to demonstrate how the Gospel is the answer to the problems that are out there in the world today.

Our premise is simple: there used to be a time in human history when the leaders of a city would go and sit in the gate (that is, “congregate”) to discuss the times and the issues that were shaping the culture around them. The best example of this from the Bible is from the story of Ruth, where Boaz goes out to the city gate and redeems Naomi’s land and earns the right and privilege of marrying the woman of his dreams.

Although we don’t plan to be bartering for new wives (we love the wives we have), we do plan to get together weekly in the modern version of the city gate—the podcast recording studio, and talk about the issues and news stories that are shaping our lives, and apply a Biblical lens through which to see them.

Sometimes we’re going to talk about churchy topics. Sometimes, we’re going to talk about political news, or bizarre news. Sometimes, we may even talk about sports, or how sports impact and shape our lives. We’re planning to recommend books and resources that touch and shake us. I suspect that you’ll agree with what we’re saying at least most of the time (I hope you will), but you might also disagree. If you do— that’s okay. Let us know why. Start by getting in touch with us. I promise—we’d love to hear from you.

So, please join Micah, Mark and me each week for CongreGate!

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