The Death of Hugh Hefner & Sexual Confusion in our Culture

October 10, 2017

This morning we talk about the death of Hugh Hefner and the sexual confusion in our culture. Hugh Hefner’s life has been both celebrated and condemned. Much of our country views him as a pioneering artist, while Christians and conservatives see the destruction that has precipitated from his “art”.

Mark talks about the confusion of sexual culture on his college campus. Students feel entitled to sexual relationships and there is an assumption that all of the unmarried students are sexually active.

We also talk about the theological implications of the sexual confusion in our culture and how we can address this with our teenage children. What is the Biblical worldview on the sexual revolution in our culture? We need to be talking to our teenagers about Biblical sexuality regularly, so they are prepared to face the opposing view of secular culture. They are being constantly confronted by with the world’s tainted view of sexuality and we need to be diligent to confront the lies with God’s truth.

Dads with teenage sons, we encourage you to talk to your sons about sex. We need to be talking to them regularly about their struggles in this area. Don’t be discouraged by your own sexual sin. Let’s admit our mistakes and deal with our sin so that we can walk with our children through their struggles.


The Death of Hugh Hefner & Sexual Confusion in our Culture | Episode 57 | CongreGate Podcast

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