Effective Leadership at Work & Home

December 6, 2016

More and more, young men are dropping out of the labor force and withdrawing from leadership at work and in their homes. Today we talk about working hard in our jobs and in our homes to model a good work ethic and effective leadership to our children.

We discuss how we encourage our children to do chores, learning to manage work around the house. The work culture has shifted so that most of us can’t take our children to work to learn alongside us. It’s a challenge for dads to engage in training & discipling the children when they spend a large portion of the day away from the home. This means we have to work harder around the house to create these learning opportunities for our children.

We not only talk about encouraging our children to work hard physically, but also how to disciple and train them spiritually. As Christian men, we need to be able to delegate some of the training to our wives and other teachers, without becoming passive. It’s challenging to find a balance between “ruling with an iron fist” and abdicating our responsibilities as fathers. We also talk about how important wives roles are in encouraging husbands to lead well.

We discuss how we have, at times, needed other men to mentor and model good leadership to us. Many times, lack of leadership comes from not knowing the next right thing to do. Humbly asking for input from wise men, as well as our wives, can positively effect our families for eternity.


Effective Leadership at Work & Home | Episode 13 | CongreGate Podcast

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