Encouraging Our Wives to Use Their Gifts

June 13, 2017

We open with a chat about Father’s day and couple of funny kid moments.

Our main topic of discussion today is encouraging our wives to use their gifts. Most of the women in our church have chosen to stay home, spending the majority of their time raising their children. But many of our wives have other gifts from the Lord that they can use in ministry or business to bring glory to Him and to build up the body.

We have friends that teach dance at a local Christian arts studio. Other ladies spend time teaching at homeschool co-ops and organizing homeschool events. Some of our wives have creative sewing, decorating, homemaking, and DIY skills that they use in ministry or business. And others educate and encourage healthy living & fitness. All of these can be used for the glory of God.

We want to encourage our wives in their primary roles as wives and mothers, while also encouraging their them to use their gifts in other ways outside the home, as time allows. We talk about how to balance primary and secondary activities, both in our lives and for our wives.

We would love to hear how you encourage your wife to use her gifts (or how your husband encourages you, if you are a wife) and what those gifts are!


Encouraging Our Wives to Use Their Gifts | Episode 40 | CongreGate Podcast

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