Habits, Plans, & Goal-Setting for the New Year

January 9, 2018

The beginning of the year is a great time to look back and evaluate how you spent your time and energy the previous year, and make new goals for the upcoming year. We don’t love the idea of resolutions, but setting clear, achievable, purposeful goals can be a great motivator as you begin a new year.

We talk about some of the goals we set for last year and how they played out. We each share a couple of the most successful goals we completed or habits we formed in 2017. It turns out many of our favorites were just simple, but meaningful, things like reading as a family or having breakfast together.

We also reflect on some of the hard things we experienced this year, including death, illness, and strained relationships in our families.

We want God to stretch us so that we grow in devotion to Christ this year, so we chat about our hopes and goals for the upcoming year. Mark hopes to be more grace-filled, less critical, and more thankful. He also has the desire to write another book. Shawn is praying to trust the Lord more with life circumstances and for gentleness in parenting. Micah hopes to be more intentional in discipling his children and friends that are new believers. He is also praying about responding positively to his children. (Anyone sense a theme here? Parenting is hard work…right!?)

We heard many of the same types of goals and prayer requests from our congregation as we prayed for them this week. We encourage you to think back over last year and make time to do some planning for the upcoming year.

You can also encourage your children to set goals and develop good habits for the year. Shawn recommends Exploring the Bible to help your kids develop the habit of daily Bible reading and study.

We’d love to hear about your goals & habits for the year! Do you take time to evaluate and plan at the beginning of the year?


Habit, Plans, & Goal-Setting in the New Year | Episode 68 | congreGate Podcast

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