Mark recorded 112 episodes of Healthy Church Radio from 2013-2016. In September 2016, he decided to change the format of the weekly podcast, inviting Shawn and Micah to join him. 


“Healthy Church Radio is a weekly podcast about church and everything related to it. You may be a pastor, an elder, a church member, or you may just be curious! Perhaps you are in a struggling fellowship or one that is thriving. You may be looking to find a church or even considering planting one. We at Healthy Church Radio want to help. Because we believe…healthy church matters.”


You can listen to some of the most recent episodes here, or visit iTunes to browse through older episodes.


Recent Episodes of Healthy Church Radio


HCR112: The Lord came to Mohamed:
In this 112th podcast of Healthy Church Radio, I talk about a testimony I recently heard from Mohamed-Ibrahim Yattara, a man from Mali who was raised in Islam but converted to Christianity as a young man. Even though he was rejected by his father and family, he stood fast in his faith. He eventually went to Bible School to learn more, including studies in America. Professor Mohamed now serves as the director of the Bible Institute in Gao, Mali, where he trains and equips young leaders in the Gospel ministry—all of whom are from Muslim backgrounds.

HCR111: God is Working in Moldova:
In this 111th podcast of Healthy Church Radio, I talk about my recent trip to do ministry in Moldova. Situated between Romanian and Ukraine, Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. But it is not because of a lack of resources or because of a poor work ethic. It is mainly because of a corrupt government. I share about the opportunities Kevin Jordan and I had to share in 4 churches, and the present five seminars to men to equip them to be the Prophet, Priest, Protector, and Provider in their homes.


HCR110: Shame, Anger, & Growing Up:

In this 110th podcast of Healthy Church Radio, I talk about an event from my youth that helped me understand that God is absolutely committed to helping His children grow up. We can run, but we cannot hide.


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