Introducing CongreGate Podcast: Episode 9

November 7, 2016

Today we introduce CongreGate Podcast! We’re talking about why we re-branded the podcast and share some more about our backgrounds and experience.

Why CongreGate? We tossed around a bunch of name ideas, but kept coming back to the idea of the “elders in the gate” from the Old Testament times, when men would gather at the city gate to discuss the issues of the day. We decided to emphasize “gate” using the word “congregate” to further highlight the importance of men gathering together to discuss important topics. Listen to the podcast for the full story and more explanation!

We’ve added 2 segments to the show: “Reading in the Gate”, where we recommend books to our listeners, and “Bizarre in the Gate”, where we share weird and ridiculous stories we find on the internet. If you have ideas for better names or other segments, send us your ideas!

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Introducing CongreGate Podcast

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Links and Recommendations:


Bizarre in the Gate: Tree Impersonator Arrested in Busy Portland Intersection

Reading in the Gate: Prepare Him Room: Celebrating the Birth of Jesus Family Devotional by Marty Machowski


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