Are You Managing Your Time Wisely?

June 27, 2017

Are you managing your time wisely? American culture seems to celebrate busyness, but is this really healthy? Today we chat about time management, stewardship, and some techniques we use to manage our own time well.

We talk about getting up early to use the quiet morning time wisely. Shawn makes the case that good time management starts with a good night’s sleep and a regular morning routine. We recommend a few books that we have found to be helpful in creating routines and priorities.

We also talk about planning ahead, for the year, for the month, and for the week. We each have regular habits and routines (family dinner, for example) that are the priorities. Then we talk and pray about other opportunities and choose the best things. We like to do the hard things first. We also highly encourage you to put your phone down and consume less media.

Finally, Micah talks about creating flexibility for meeting other people’s needs. We have a tendency to make all of our decisions about ourselves, but our time is not our own. As believers, we need to be available to serve other people as needs and opportunities arise.


Are You Managing Your Time Wisely? | Episode 42 | CongreGate Podcast

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Links and Recommendations:

Essentialism – by Greg McKeown

The Vanishing American Adult – by Ben Sasse

Crazy Busy – by Kevin DeYoung

Do More Better – by Tim Challies

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