Marketing & Ministry: An Interview with Micah Fox

August 15, 2017

Today, we are departing from our usual discussion of church and world events to continue a short interview series. We hope you enjoy getting to know more about Micah’s work and ministry background.

Micah grew up as the oldest of seven children and as a pastor’s son. He was saved as a child and anticipated going into ministry as an adult. Following college, Micah returned home with his new wife and began to work with the housing contractor he had worked with in high school. Around that time, the housing market crashed, leaving Micah looking for a job. Through providential circumstances, Micah was hired by a local marketing firm where he has worked for the past eight years.

We talk about working in business while feeling called to ministry. When is it best to get a job and provide for your family and when do you pursue ministry opportunities? Micah shares how God has provided ministry opportunities through his work in the business world.


Marketing & Ministry: An Interview with Micah Fox | Episode 49 | CongreGate Podcast

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