Moldova, Missions Trips, and Ministry

August 1, 2017

Mark and Micah talk about their recent missions trip to Moldova and we share our philosophy of ministry regarding church missions trips.

We talk a little bit about the value of taking kids on missions trips. Mark had the opportunity to take each one of his children to Africa before they left home. Micah reflects on the benefits of traveling with his father to do missions work as a teenager.

We compare and contrast mission trips that are designed to meet physical and economic needs vs. trips that are focused on equipping leaders. Both can be beneficial, but our recent trips have been more focused on training and equipping local ministry leaders.

In Moldova, Mark and Micah taught the men Biblical leadership concepts from Mark’s book,  A Faithful Man. They also gave instruction on Biblical eldership and shared the discipleship process Antioch has used to train up new elders. These are areas where their church leaders have not received much training, so they were very eager to hear and implements the teaching they received on these concepts.


Moldova, Mission Trips, & Ministry | Episode 47 | CongreGate Podcast

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