The Importance of Planning for Tithing and Giving

January 16, 2018

We’ve talked about our annual planning practices a few times, but today we wanted to focus specifically on the importance of planning for tithing and giving, as well as some of the more practical questions about how to set goals and ways to give.

Micah talks about the encouragement he received as a young man to take the Financial Peace University class from Dave Ramsey. That wise advice helped him begin good financial habits as a young married man. He observes that when he and his wife plan and budget regularly, they are also able to save and give more.

We talk about how regular financial planning meetings with your wife can be a leadership issue. As husbands, we can provide leadership and show love to our wives by talking about our finances, especially with wives that thrive with a plan.

Mark talks about the difference between tithing and giving. Does the Bible actually say we need to give 10%? Is it okay to give to other ministries and missions work instead, or should that be above and beyond the 10% tithe to the church?

We also talk about e-giving options. Our leadership is currently considering how to use e-giving tools wisely with our congregation. Why do we still “pass the plate”? We chat about the implications of giving in person vs. online. For example, parents of young children might want to continue to give in person as an example to their children. What about the 3% credit card processing fees?

Do you find that you give more when you plan to give more? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


The Importance of Planning for Tithing and Giving | Episode 69 | CongreGate Podcast

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