Preparing Your Children to Leave Home

January 31, 2017

Today we are talking about preparing your children to leave home. We want our children equipped to leave and live on their own. Parents need a clear vision for their sons and daughters, and they need to pray for guidance from the Lord.

Mark shares the lessons he has learned after launching 6 of his 7 children. Shawn and Micah talk about some of the things that their parents did to prepare them to leave home after graduating.

We talk about how to develop a vision for raising our children. And we discuss some of the foundational things we want to teach our children before they leave. The Bible clearly teaches that men and women have equal, but different, roles. We discuss the difference between raising daughters and sones, including how to prepare young men to lead their families, and how to affirm and prepare our daughters to be wives and mothers.

We begin with quick discussion of current events, including our thoughts on Vice President Pence’s speech at the March for Life. He urges love, gentleness and generosity among Christians in the pro-life movement. We also have a few comments about President Trump’s current immigration order and the current status of the refugees, with more to come on this next week.

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Preparing Your Children to Leave Home | Episode 21 | CongreGate Podcast

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