Professor & Pastor: An Interview with J. Mark Fox

August 8, 2017

Today, we are departing from our usual discussion of church and world events to begin a short interview series. We hope you enjoy getting to know more about us and our backgrounds as we interview one another. Mark begins by sharing his testimony and call to ministry. He tells how he met Cindy in college, eventually married her, and started a student ministry.

Early in Mark’s preaching ministry, another pastor criticized his preaching. Though it caused some discouragement initially, it ultimately forced him to ask “Am I doing this for the Lord?” and “What does the Lord want me to do with my gifts?”. Those questions gave him direction and motivation to continue in ministry.

Mark also talks about why and how he works as a communications professor and as a pastor. We also discuss how people are called to ministry in different ways.


Professor & Pastor: An Interview with J. Mark Fox | Episode 48 | CongreGate Podcast


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