Protecting Your Marriage: Why We Support Mike Pence

April 18, 2017

Today we are talking about protecting your marriage. A couple of weeks ago, Mike Pence was criticized for protecting his marriage by refusing to dine alone with a women who is not his wife. Also known as the “Billy Graham Rule”, Graham kept this standard in order to protect his reputation and the reputation of his ministry. Both of these men understand that we are sinful people, living in a world that is watching us live out our faith.

Pence and Graham set a good example by setting high standards for themselves. As Bible-believing men, we need to be thoughtful about ways we can protect our marriages. Most of the men in our church meet in weekly accountability groups, which includes some questions and discussion on this topic. This is one way our men encourage each other to keep high standards and guard their marriages.

We also talk about some practical ways we protect our marriages in our our different work environments. Mark has always employed his children to do administrative work in the church, and he doesn’t counsel women alone. Shawn manages a team that includes women. When he meets with them (both the men and the women), they meet in a room with a window. Micah’s team often travels to offsite meetings, so they avoid driving alone with people of the opposite sex.

Our wives are a treasure. We want to honor them by guarding our marriages and maintaining trusting relationships with them.


Protecting Your Marriage: Why We Support Mike Pence | Episode 32 | CongreGate Podcast

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