Preparing for the Unexpected: Providing for Your Family When You Are Gone

January 23, 2018

Today’s topic isn’t one we normally like to think about. Are you prepared for death or disability? What steps can you take to provide for your family if you die unexpectedly or become disabled? We all like to think we will grow old with our wives, but it’s important to take the time to make contingency plans for our families. As husbands and fathers, we have a responsibility to prepare our families for our death if it should precede theirs.

Praise God we live in a time and culture where women and children aren’t left homeless and destitute if the husband and father passes away. But as we reflect on the recent deaths of friends and family members, we see the burden of organization and provision for the family left on the widows. One way we can love and serve our wives is to leave them with organized plans so that they have a smaller burden if we unexpectedly pass away or become disabled and unable to work. We share a few practical tips for putting together an organized folder of information that our families will need one day.

Shawn talks about internet password management. In the age of online accounts for everything, we need to leave our wives with a list of passwords to access important accounts like bank and insurance information. He recommends using something like Keeper Security to store and organize passwords and online accounts.

Mark shares some of the records he keeps in his folder including information for life insurance, health insurance, homeowners insurance, disability insurance, mutual fund accounts, social security numbers, car titles, vaccination & health records, passports and more. He also includes a list of people to call for home repairs, tax preparation, car repairs, etc. Many of us have these things written down somewhere, but they are not organized. We encourage you to write them down and store them in one place and let your wife know the information is there if she needs it. You can also use Dave Ramsey’s Legacy Journey product to work through some of those plans.

Finally, we talk about some different types of insurance we should have set up to help provide for our wives and children if something should happen to us. We share a story about some friends that purchased long-term care insurance, not knowing if they would need it. When the husband developed Parkinson’s a few years later, the wife was left with the means to pay for his care without debt. She is grateful that her husband took the time and spent the money on long-term care insurance.

We believe that it’s important to plan ahead for these life circumstances, as much as possible, but also want to stress that you will leave a spiritual legacy for your family as well. Take the time to prepare these practical things, while you continue to seek ways to encourage and grow your family spiritually.

What steps have you taken to prepare in the event of your unexpected death or disability?


Preparing for the Unexpected: Providing for Your Family When you Are Gone | Episode 70 | CongreGate Podcast

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