Questions from Our Listeners: Church Leadership & Kids

February 13, 2018

Today we answer a few questions from our listeners about church leadership and discipling kids. We also chat about the Superbowl and faith of some of the players. Carson Wentz, Nick Foles, and many of their teammates have been a refreshing witness for Christ. We are thankful to see men living for Jesus in a very public way.

Our friend Stephen asks, “Can you discuss the Biblical reasons for elder vs. pastor-led churches?”

Mark says that appointing elders is the New Testament model of leading a church and gives a few examples. Can God use other models? Yes. But we do think there is a best model based on the New Testament church.

Shawn shares a quick history lesson on church leadership during the westward expansion and how this has affected church leadership today. We also share some of the freedoms of having a few elders working together. For example, pastors often burn out physically and spiritually, but when the responsibility is shared, the burden is also shared.

Our friend Matt asks, “I’ve heard you talk about not trying to talk your children into accepting Christ, baptism, or communion, rather letting them come to you when they are ready. Any practical ways to bring up the topic and get them thinking about these areas?”

We talked about how to know when our children are saved and ready to be baptized in a previous episode. One of the best ways to have intentional spiritual conversations with your kids is through the practice of regular family worship. Shawn encourages fathers to lead their families in regular conversations about scripture. By creating a regular time to talk about God, children will learn to ask questions and look to their parents for answers to their questions about spiritual things.

Thank you for writing in with your questions and comments. We always appreciate hearing from you!


Questions from Our Listeners | Episode 73 | CongreGate Podcast

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3 comments on “Questions from Our Listeners: Church Leadership & Kids

  1. Kyle Cantrell Feb 16, 2018

    Hey guys I heard you on the family man Ministries podcast can’t wait to dive in and see what y’all have to offer! Kyle from Baton Rouge Louisiana

    • CongreGate Feb 16, 2018

      Thanks for taking the time to come check us out, Kyle!

  2. KenoBen Feb 16, 2018

    Thanks, CongreGate, and you’re welcome.Be well.

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