Raising Our Children to Be Best Friends

June 20, 2017

Today’s episode is about raising our children to be best friends. How can we help our children to value their sibling relationships and continue as friends into adulthood? Mark & Micah talk about how the Fox family worked to promote good sibling relationships and how that has carried over to their current relationships now that they are all adults.

Mark says spending time together is key to developing good relationships among siblings. The Fox family made the effort to play games together, read together, work together, and spend time just talking…even when the children were less than enthusiastic about it. They made an effort to guard evening time and limit outside activities so that the family could eat dinner together regularly.

As parents, we can help build good relationships among our children by planning intentional family time, but we also need to be careful about how we talk to the children about each other. We may be unintentionally fueling competition and comparison by pointing out their strengths and weaknesses to each other.

We also talk about how we can encourage the older kids to develop discipleship relationships with their younger siblings. When older children are willing to teach and give advice to younger children, the younger children feel loved by them and will continue to go to them for counsel.

Finally, we encourage you to make it a habit of praying for your children to love each other.

Do you have any other ideas or stories of things that have helped you to raise children to be best friends? We’d would love to hear them!


Raising Your Children to be Best Friends | Episode 41 | CongreGate Podcast

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