Talking to Your Children About Racism

August 29, 2017

Mark and Micah are back from vacation so we’re returning to dialogue about current events and culture. After several recent protests related to racial issues, we’re discussing how to talk to our children about these racial issues.

First and foremost, we must understand and teach our children how the gospel unites all people under Christ. For those with younger children, when and how do you begin to have conversations about hard topics like this?

We talk about early American history and the failure of the church to recognize racial prejudice as a theological issue. Ultimately, this is an issue of understanding our identity in Christ and dealing with the sin of racism in our hearts.

One way you might start a conversation with your older children about racial issues is by watching a movie, such as Remember the Titans, and discussing it together. Another way to help your children learn to show respect to other people is to introduce them to disabled people or people of different ethnic backgrounds in your community.

Shawn closes with some thoughts about the table of nations in Genesis and how that relates to us as New Testament believers now.


Talking to Your Children About Racism | Episode 51 | CongreGate Podcast

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