Evaluating The Spirituality of Star Wars

January 10, 2017

With a renewed enthusiasm for Star Wars following the release of Rogue One, we thought it would be a good time to discuss the spirituality of Star Wars. In particular, Rogue One emphasizes the religion of Star Wars more than previous episodes. In one scene, for example, a monk prays to the Force, as though the Force is a conscious higher being.

Because we enjoy Star Wars and watch it with our families, this needs to be a point of conversation in our homes. We need to be discussing the religion and spirituality of the Star Wars films, making sure that we affirm the truth of God’s word.

It’s too easy to shrug off the spiritual themes as “harmless,” when, truthfully, we are easily influenced by the media we consume. “If you are not confident in the authority of the scriptures, you be a slave to what sounds right.” (Matt Chandler) Let’s make sure we are filling our conversation with scripture so that we can be discerning consumers of the media in our home.


Evaluating the Spirituality of Star Wars | Episode 18 | CongreGate Podcast
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Links and Recommendations:

Star Wars and Christian Truth — A Collision of Worldviews – Al Mohler

Rogue One Gives “the Force” a Spiritual Makeover – Megan Basham | WORLD News Group – “Eastern influence is still present—particularly in a priest who chants about being ‘one with the Force’—shifting to a higher power characters actually cry out to… Here, the Force seems less indifferent and more like “the force” behind events in the book of Esther. One character proclaims he’s not afraid of an Empire attack because everything that happens is working out as ‘the Force wills it.'”

The Mythology of Star Wars – Bill Moyers

Bid for Star Wars Religion is Shot Down – New York Times -“But it does not ‘promote moral or ethical improvement’ and thus is not a religion, the commission said in explaining its ruling.”


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