When Our Wives Are Discouraged About Their Appearance

April 25, 2017

How should we respond when our wives are discouraged about their appearance? Today we are talking about protecting our wives from discontentment with their physical appearance. We discuss how to encourage our wives and guard their hearts from cultural influences and impossible standards, while our society promotes the idea that women should look flawless and never show signs of aging.

We talk about a recent article from Fox News, in which one of the news anchors writes about the severe side effects of cosmetic surgery she had undergone. Her elective procedure was to combat the effects of aging, but she later regretted the decision.  She wondered how the outcome would have been different if she should have been content with her body.

How can we guard our wives hearts from discontentment and encourage our wives as their bodies change and age? We need to be praising our wives for their character. They need to feel their value is in more than just how they look. Wives and daughters do need to be told they are beautiful, but we need to emphasize the beauty that comes from Christ in them.

As men, we need to guard our own hearts against criticism and comparison. When we notice imperfections in our wives, we need to deal with that sin in our own hearts so that we can help our wives fight their own discontentment.

Also, Mark admits to sneaking out and stealing his parents car when he was 15…


When Our Wives Are Discouraged About Their Appearance | Episode 33 | CongreGate Podcast

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